You Are NOT Too Old to Wear That!

Do you ever wonder if you are too old to wear a certain item or outfit?  I do. I don't know when that thought process started for me but I find myself asking my husband more often these days - am I too old to wear this?  Actually what I ask is "do I look like a hoochie momma?" To which he always says "no".  I mean - what else is he going to say? 

Recently I read a Facebook post where a woman started her post with "I'm 53 years old - do you think I'm too old to wear this?". My initial impression when I saw the picture she posted was "she looks great!"  Her next question was "is this too tight on me?". She had on a blue paisley print sheath dress, that skimmed her body.  It wasn't too tight, it wasn't too short, it wasn't low cut - yet she was unsure of her choice.  I think about 100 other people responded with a resounding "no!"  It was a gorgeous print with an awesome fit - but someone else's story had her questioning what a 53 year old woman was supposed to look like.

How many of us have let other people's story cause us to worry if what we are wearing is appropriate?  When I was in my mid 20's I had shoulder length hair.  An older woman I knew (and respected) told me I was too old to wear my hair that long now.  What??  I mentally chewed on that awhile - questioning my choices and the logic behind that statement.  I finally decided to discard that advice.  In the years since that time, I have seen and admired older women who have hair longer and shorter than mine.  I'm much older now and my hair is still about shoulder length.  My hair is the length I think looks best on me.

Over the years I have heard other people remark about a women saying things like "she's too old to wear something that short, that low cut, that tight"…fill in the blank.  These types of comments cement in our brains there is an age at which we will be too old to wear certain things.  That's their story - it doesn't have to be ours.

I propose, those of us who ask those questions of ourselves (and of our men-folk) to change that question to "does this flatter my shape?".  That's a more useful question.  We can't change our age and in the moment we can't immediately change our bodies.  Our goal should be identifying clothing that flatters our shape and rock that!  If you want to lose weight, get in better shape, and all those things we are always thinking about - go for it!  But - in the mean time - enjoy the beautiful body you are currently living in. 

So - whether you are mid 20  or late 80's - wear what makes you feel good, wear what brings you joy! 

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