4 Fashion Dressing Tips to Keep Cool in the Summer

I love summer – but sometimes that heat is too much.  Who wants to look like a hot sweaty mess?  I have 4 easy tips for you for looking cute that will keep you cooler in the summer heat.

  •  Wear loose clothing. Did you know tighter clothing can make you feel warmer?  Tighter clothing traps moisture closer to the skin.   You actually want the moisture to evaporate.  Air moving along the skin helps evaporate the moisture.  The air movement and evaporation makes you cooler by getting rid of excess heat.  While you are at it – rethink your jewelry.  Thin necklace chains stick to your neck, heavy chains and pendants can press against your skin making you feel hot.  Instead – accessorize with fun, lightweight earrings!

  • Wear a flowy dress. Yes I know I mentioned loose clothing above but now I’m specifically talking about a dress.  A flowy dress is actually cooler than wearing shorts and a tank top, and has the added bonus of disguising any wobbly parts! Why is it cooler you might ask?  You have less fabric touching your skin which allows for more air movement (and the whole evaporation thing I talked about above). You will also most likely feel more comfortable too.


  • Wear light colored and lightweight fabrics. Avoid flimsy fabrics which might stick to you.  But look for clothing that has some structure such as embroidery or seams.  Fabrics with patterns to add interest and fun to your outfit.

Off white embroidered dress

  •  For the last one - don’t shoot me – but skip the padded bra. The extra padding causes extra sweating. I think you get the picture here. 

I’m going to throw in a few extra tips, stay hydrated, wear a wide brimmed hat, keep your hair off your neck and girl, protect your skin!

Do you have some quick tips to share? Drop them below, I’d love to hear from you!

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