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Rock Your Shape

  • You Are NOT Too Old to Wear That!

    Do you ever wonder if you are too old to wear a certain item or outfit?  I do. I don't know when that thought process started for me but I find myself asking my husband more often these days - am I too old to wear this?  Actually what I ask is "do I look like a hoochie momma?"
  • The Mean Girl in My Head

    I have a mean girl in my head.  She says some really mean things to me.  Do you have a mean girl in your head too?  If so - there are things you ca...
  • What Can I Wear This With?

    Do you have an item you love, but can only think of one way to wear it?  Would you like to wear it more often but don't know where to start and feel stuck?  This is a common struggle and I have an easy fix!
  • I Want to Look Better in My Clothes

    Do you look in the mirror and think to yourself "yes, nailed it!"?  If not - keep reading - I have some easy tips for you. Let's start with the "fo...
  • I Have Nothing to Wear!

    I used to wear scrubs to work everyday, and I loved it!  Now I have to put an outfit together in the mornings that makes me look thinner, younger, and is comfortable for the entire day. 
  • Three's a Charm!

    You want to look "put together"  in an effortless way.  It is easier than you might think!

    These three easy to remember concepts will help you put together outfits that you rock. 

  • Look Slimmer Without Losing an Inch!

    You can actually look slimmer by defining your waist. That's hard for some of us the wrap our heads around and we go to great lengths to hide our w...
  • V Necklines Rule!

    Do you want to look stylish, confident, attractive and put together? Do you want to look remarkable?   I do and I bet you do too.  I also want to be comfortable and feel good in what I wear.  But I want to achieve that look with my personal style, what works for my shape and my tastes. 
  • How to Tuck Your Shirt to Elevate Your Look

    Tucking your shirt is a styling hack that can be a game changer. It can instantly change the look and vibe of your outfit.  It's easy to learn, and is a simple way to instantly elevate your look.  You can take a top or sweater that over whelms your shape and quickly turn it into a casual, confident, polished look.
  • Not My Momma's Closet!

    Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? I used to feel that way - but not any more!

    Organizing your closet is magic!  You will be able to easily coordinate outfits, mix and match outfits and patterns,  and wear things you had forgotten you even had!   As a bonus, you can bless someone else by donating the clothes you aren't wearing.

  • 6 Steps to New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

    Change your “resolution list making” into a more achievable, positive mindset of making lifestyle changes.
  • What to Wear for Your Body Shape

    Tips for what to wear to rock your body shape.