What Can I Wear This With?

Do you have an item you love, but can only think of one way to wear it? Would you like to wear it more often but don't know where to start and feel stuck?  This is a common struggle and I have an easy fix! 

You might have a very special item, a statement piece, and you think it is too dressy or too specific to wear routinely.  You probably have a solution in your closet and don't even realize it!  Often times we get stuck in a rut and our brain automatically goes to the same combinations we usually wear.  In a previous blog I mentioned the statistic we typically wear only 20% of what's in our closet.  So let's get creative and mix and match watch what you already own to maximize what you have already invested in.

One creative solution is to search Pinterest.  Type a description of the item in the search bar and see what you find.  Lets use the example of "vertical stripped pants".  You can be more specific in your search to add additional descriptions such as "wide leg", "skinny leg" also "work" or "date night".   Keep experimenting with different descriptions of how you want to wear it.  You can also type the brand of your item for additional ideas on how a store has styled it.

In addition to Pinterest - you can also "Google" it, again type in a description, using the brand name also as mentioned above. 

You will like some of the ideas that come up, and some of them you may think "nah" but even the ones that you don't "love" you can get ideas from.    

Your searches will result in a variety of styles.  Scroll through the results and look for pictures that match your item.  Look for items that are similar to what you already own.  You don't have to have the exact item, the key here is to look for "similar" things to get inspiration.  Think about what you own that might have a similar look and try it out, see how you like it.  Bottom line - you will gain inspiration and get ideas from what you see.

Initially it may take you more time to search and think about how to wear what you own differently.  You may find as you search through the pictures for inspiration there is an item you don't own, but you see often and would like to have.  Make a list of things you are seeing so you can purchase the next time you shop to extend your wardrobe even further!  The more you work to wear things differently, the easier it will become. 

Keep experimenting and challenge yourself to wear things differently.  This week - why don't you set a goal to wear 2 items in your closet in ways you haven't before.  I'd love to hear if you found inspiration and created some new looks!

Photo by Cristian Lozan on Unsplash

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