I Want to Look Better in My Clothes

Do you look in the mirror and think to yourself "yes, nailed it!"?  If not - keep reading - I have some easy tips for you.

Let's start with the "foundation". 

Does your underwear fit right?  You heard me - your underwear! 

Do you have a proper fitting bra?  Do you know what a proper fitting bra looks and feels like?  If not - you may need to check it out.  There are stores that will help you with a fitting to determine your proper size.  I'm not a bra fitting expert, but you can "Goggle" bra fittings to read more about them. 

Do you wear panties (no judgement here)?  Do you see panty lines, are your panties too tight with skin bulging out?  You don't have to go without panties or wear thongs if you don't want to.  There are a number of different fits and fabrics to choose from that match your style and personality and FIT RIGHT! 

For some women, this can be a very neglected part of their wardrobe.   They are called foundation garments for a reason - they are going to affect everything else you put on afterwards.

When I was an adult and had young children, my mom asked me one year what I wanted for my birthday.  I told her underwear.  She said "stop being funny, what do you want for your birthday?".  So then I said "money for underwear". She wasn't amused.  So I showed her my "nursing bra" and stretched out panties that I had worn when I was pregnant.  I wasn't nursing and I wasn't pregnant, but I hadn't bought anything that fit because money was tight and I thought it was frivolous.  Guess what I got for my birthday?  A shopping trip for bra's and panties!  When my mom and I went shopping - I didn't buy anything exotic, after all I was with my mom.  But what I bought boosted my self esteem because it fit!  What I bought was new and it was pretty and it made me feel better about how I looked when I got dressed in the morning.

Wear clothes that fit your body. 

If you have read my previous blogs or seen one of my "FB lives" you probably knew this was coming!  Don't wear clothes that are too big and hang on you.  Many women wear clothes that are big because they don't want to look fat and they are hiding.  It actually has the opposite effect, you look bigger in bigger clothes. I'm not suggesting you never wear anything oversized - you can!  It's about proportion - wear your oversized top with skinny jeans and those flare legged pants with a fitted top. 

I'm also not saying wear clothes that are skin tight, that is usually not a good look either.  Wear clothes that skim your body.  Not tight, not too loose, but clothes that fit your beautiful body.

Jeans can be your friend.

Ladies - high waisted jeans are back!  Many stylist are raving over how high waist jeans make you look slimmer and show off your waistline.  They help curb the bulge  that might happen from low or midrise jeans and help to hold your tummy in. 

Jeans with stretch!  Not the jeans of old, with elastic at the waist, but jeans made of a combination of lycra, spandex and polyester.  Some women struggle with finding jeans that fit equally well in the waist, hips and thighs.  Jeans made with this combination of materials will "give" where you need extra room while fitting those other areas.  Again - your jeans should be fitted - but not too tight.

Don’t forget skinny jeans. There are still some people shying away from skinny jeans.  The secret here is finding a style, fit and fabric you love.  It’s worth paying a little extra for the perfect pair of jeans. What is not to love about skinny jeans - flattering cut that hugs your bottom.  Some styles even lift and shape your bottom - yes please!

Didn't your mother tell you to stand and sit up straight!

It's because she loved you and wanted to your clothes to fit right.  Joking aside - posture is important in how you look in your clothes.  Check your posture, stand with your head high and your shoulders down and back.

Find a tailor.

When was the last time you had anything altered or tailored? Hear me out on this.  Since most of us buy our clothes off a rack, they weren't made for our specific bodies.  Tailors aren't just for special occasions, they can make adjustments to clothes so they fit perfect on your body.  It is much easier to take something in or make it shorter - don't bank on them being able to let it out or make it longer.  I know folks who buy consignment clothing then take them to a tailor to get a perfect fit.  Tailor's services are very reasonable and can make a big difference in how your clothes fit.

These are easy to implement tips and can make a big difference in how you look in your clothes. 

Photo by Mack Fox (MusicFox) on Unsplash

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