Six Tips to Dress Well on a Budget

It’s fun to buy clothes, paying for them – not so much.  I have some tips for you for dressing well, looking cute on a budget. Make a plan and set a budget. You and I both know when you see all these cute things we want to buy them all!  So before you go, look at what’s already in your closet.   Ask yourself – what can I buy to coordinate with what I already have and make new outfits?

1) Buy items you can transition into the next season. What tops do you have that you can layer under a new cardigan, sweater or jacket?  What bottoms do you have you could add a different top or sweater for the next season?

    • For example - this navy maxi dress is great for fun with the girls or date night.  In the fall, add a fall color cardigan!

Blue floral maxi dressNavy floral maxi dress with honey mustard cardigan

2) Buy at the end of the season when on sale or clearance. Don’t buy just because it’s on sale, but ask yourself, will this work with what you already have?  Can you transition this into the next season?

3) How many outfits can you make with this?

4) Invest in quality, staple pieces. For example – your favorite jeans that cost $65.  If you wear them 1x a week for 52 weeks that comes to $1.25 a week for 1 year.  You spend more than that on coffee a week! 

wide leg jeans

5) Don’t be lazy in the laundry room - wash your laundry correctly

    • Separate light colors from dark colors
    • Separate heavier items (jeans) with lighter fabrics
    • Wash delicates separately and hang dry

6) Accessories are also a great way to give your outfit a new look.  Statement jewelry, belts, scarfs and hats can give your outfit a pop of color and it’s easy to change your look by just changing accessories. 

 Straw hat with cord headband

Plan ahead, set a budget and have fun!

P.S. Don’t forget about tax free weekends – 19 states have tax free weekends, is your state one of them?

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