6 Casual Chic Fashion Essentials

6 Casual Chic Fashion Essentials

Do you want a casual chic look that isn’t a hassle to put together?  It’s easier than you think to make it happen, and you don’t need to break the bank doing it!  We want to look put together whether we are running errands, taking kids to practice or at work.  We also want comfortable clothes that fit right and to feel fabulous in what we are wearing.

So – where do you begin? Stock your closet with these 6 basic year round pieces:

1) At least 1 classic dress

You can style a classic dress a variety ways through all seasons!  For instance, a black t-shirt type dress.  In the summer all you need to look awesome is the dress, a pair of sandals and statement earrings.  In the fall throw on a cardigan, booties, a fun belt, necklace and earrings.  In the winter pull on a pair of leggings or tights, a jacket, add a fun scarf and you are good to go!


2)  A skirt and pair of pants that fit well

A skirt and pants are so versatile!  You can dress them up or down.  Pair your skirt/pants with a graphic tee plus or minus a denim jacket for a casual chic look.  Pair them with a tank and structured jacket for a business casual look. 

Hem lengths change over time, but classic styles are stable.  After you establish your basic pieces, you may want to add in a trendier style for those days you want to change things up.

3) At least 2 different styles of jeans

There are so many styles of jeans – pick 2 different styles you love to start with.  When it comes to jean styles it may seem overwhelming.  No distressing, some distressing to destroyed styles.  Skinny, boot cut, straight, wide leg then the hem lengths!  Take a deep breath – what do you like and what fits well?  What makes you feel awesome?  Pay more for quality jeans, they are worth the investment.


4) Basic tees and tanks

Stock up on these!  You can change your look and vibe so easy with different types and styles of tees and tanks which are typically less expensive than your other basic pieces. 

5) A jacket

If you are just starting on building your basic, decide if you want a casual jacket or structured jacket to start with then just add the other one when you are ready.  A denim jacket will pair well with all of your other basics!  You can top off your dress, skirt, pants, jeans with a denim jacket.  Mix and match your tees and tanks for multiple outfits.

6) Different styles of cardigans – slouchy, classic, chunky add them all as you find ones you love!


This is just a starting point for your closet – add to these basic pieces as you find your style and fit.  Accessories like scarves, jewelry and bags are your best friend, mix and match to your heart's content.

Trends come and go, but your basics are the backbone of your wardrobe.   Each season add few trendier pieces for fun and variety!

The best thing you can wear though is confidence.  When you feel confident in how you look, you will look your best.  So stock up on the basics you love the fit and feel of, wear what you love, and go get ‘em girl!

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