Look Slimmer Without Losing an Inch!

You can actually look slimmer by defining your waist. That's hard for some of us the wrap our heads around and we go to great lengths to hide our waist. 

But wearing shapeless clothes to hide your shape actually makes you look larger.

Think about it - if you wear a tent - you will look like a tent. You want to create a balance between your breasts and hips - those feminine curves.  Rather than wearing loose, shapeless tops, opt for a slim-cut blouse tucked into dark jeans (read my previous blog on tucking!), this will elongate the look of your entire body. 

Buy the right size of clothes!

If you fret over the size on the tag, your not alone.  This is a hard one to conquer, but you need to focus on the fit rather than what's on the tag.  Keep your tags tucked in and no one will know the size!  Deep down you know this - buying clothes too small doesn't make you look slimmer.  You end up with clothes that are not comfortable, buttons that are strained, clothes riding up and the dreaded muffin top.  When you wearing the right size clothes you will be more comfortable, have greater confidence and you will actually look leaner. 

You don't have to have a perfect hour glass shape.

Nope - you can create the illusion of curves!  Belts and waistbands can be a girls best friend. 

Wear a belt at the slimmest part of your waist and make sure it is comfortable.  You can also belt a baggy top to update it's look and give it shape.

Here we go with tucking again - but tucking your top into the waistband of pants and skirts enhances your shape.  Play with tucking different fabrics in different ways to get the look that matches your personality and style.  

Remember high-waisted pants?

They make your waist look awesome and give you that hour glass look! The best fit is right above your belly button. 

Other tips to define your waist and look slimmer are to wear fabric with a horizontal stripe at the waist.  Also peplum tops or jackets that nip in at the waist will emphasis the smallest part of your waist. They fit in the waist then flare out, making your waist look narrower in comparison.

Dresses and skirts that are fitted through thighs and flared at the bottom are slimming, as are wrap dresses, and sheath dresses with contrasting side panels. 

Define your waist and remember - shape is always better than baggy!

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