Three's a Charm!

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You want to look "put together"  in an effortless way.  It is easier than you might think!

These three easy to remember concepts will help you put together outfits that you rock. 

When you're standing in your closet trying to get dressed for the day - think about what pieces you have that are remember-able and lend themselves to compliments. Try to incorporate at least one of these three components - fit, fabric, or flare when you are choosing what to wear and with a little practice - you will be going for all three! To make it easier on yourself initially - you may want to start the night before - to take the pressure off the "morning of".
"Man - I look good in this!"
You should feel comfortable and confident in the fit of your clothes. The fit is the first concept. Think about the fit of an outfit and the way it compliments your shape. Take those favorite jeans or that perfect top that fits just right in the right places or that dress you just love. The fit will enhance your shape, sitting on your body in a way that is comfortable for you and looks effortless. The proportions are balanced. While wearing a tight dress, top or pants may be "remember-able" they most likely won't get compliments and you may be uncomfortable and self conscious, constantly tugging at your clothes.
The pieces you choose should fit well for the occasion - not too tight, not too baggy, not too long, not too short, and should reflect your own personal style. If they are wrinkled - a quick tumble in the dryer (or a good old fashion ironing) might be in order. Make sure they are clean and in good repair (no holes, missing buttons, seams intact).
If something doesn't fit well and you don't want to get rid of it just yet - can it be altered? If not, or if it needs repair and you know deep down you aren't really going to ever do it - let it go.
Sometimes, letting go of clothes can be emotional. That's a normal response. Give yourself a moment…
The next concept is the fabric - the color and material. Bright colors - florals and jewel tones can be uplifting for your mood. Bold patterns such as stripes and polka dots are remember-able and break away from the ordinary and bland. The material the piece is made of can make a statement - materials such as silk, leather, or tweed. Don't shy away from incorporating these into your outfit.
It's in the details!
The third concept is the flare or details you add to your outfit. You want details that stand out. It could be the buttons on your jacket, the type or cut of the sleeves or a fun detail on the hem. Maybe it is embroidery on your top or dress, the way the bodice fits, a unique neckline. It could be an accessory you add, a statement necklace, statement earrings, a beautiful scarf, an animal print belt, patterned shoes or an awesome handbag. It could also be a jacket or cardigan you add.
To put all this together - your outfit might consist of those perfect fitting denim jeans you love, paired with a stripped top that has an awesome ruffle detail, animal print flats and a chunky statement necklace.
Take an inventory of what you own and as you are putting outfits together, make a list of what would take it to the next level. Then the next time you are shopping look at your list, look for repeated items and search them out. With time, practice and incorporating these three easy concepts you will have increased confidence in having that "put together" look!

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