V Necklines Rule!

Do you want to look stylish, confident, attractive and put together? Do you want to look remarkable?  I do and I bet you do too.  I also want to be comfortable and feel good in what I wear.  But I want to achieve that look with my personal style, what works for my shape and my tastes. 

 I thought I would grow up and all my problems would be solved!

When I was a young girl I thought I would "grow up" and that would be the body I would have the rest of my life.  Not hardly!  I finally realized my body would continue changing ALL my life!  Whether or not you have kids, whether you have one kid or several - your body continues to change over time.  It may be stabilize for several years - but eventually you begin to see changes again.  Then comes menopause….another game changer.  What's a girl to do? 

Embrace your body and enjoy the time you are in right now! 

We typically don't see ourselves objectively when we look in the mirror.  What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your reflection in the mirror?  You probably have 1 or more "areas" you have negative thoughts about when you look in the mirror - and that is what you focus on.  Others don't see us as just those "areas" or pieces - they see the "whole" picture.  When you see another woman - what do you see - most likely the "whole".  You would probably be surprised if she told you what she sees when she looks in the mirror.  So give yourself grace and stop those negative thoughts and instead acknowledge your positive features.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made my dear! (Psalms 139:14)

The versatile V neckline 

There are a number of different types of necklines which enhance certain body shapes, but the V neck is a versatile one.  A V neck opens up and brings attention to the face.  It elongates the upper torso.  It alludes to a woman's natural feminine features.  Women who are more busty might choose to wear a shallower V or a cute camisole underneath, while a woman less busty can wear a deeper V comfortably.  Again - this is up to you - your style - your vibe!

Does this mean you should wear nothing but V necklines?  No - that would be boring! You can also create the illusion of a V neckline with jewelry and accessories. 

  • A shorter statement or chunky necklace can create a V
  • A pendant necklace that ends right above or right below your bust-line can create a V
  • You can create a V with a scarf

Don't be a blob!

While we are talking about your feminine form - I see MANY women wearing large, oversized, shapeless tops.  Probably to hide bumps and bulges that have sprung up out of nowhere.  Trust me I GET IT!  I have those too!  Ironically, wearing tops like that have the opposite effect - they make us look bigger, and who wants that?  Now this is not to say there isn't a place for large oversized, flowing tunics and tops - there absolutely is.  As opposite as it seems, wearing things that SHOW our feminine shape are more attractive and flattering.  Now I'm not talking about low cut, skin bearing, tight fitting clothes - I'm talking about clothes that fit your shape/body and flatter you rather than hide your shape. 

Do these three things… 

  • Stop the negative self-talk and start positive, affirming self-talk when you look in the mirror
  • Look at pictures on Pinterest of women of all sizes and shapes and see how they have styled their outfits and look for the V. I bet you will see it used quite often. 
  • Start incorporating the V in your outfits!

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